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About Me

Vanessa Brown

Twenty years ago, I set out on my immigrant journey.

Born and raised in South Africa, I moved to New Zealand in 2003 followed by Australia four years later. I spent ten wonderful years in the sunburnt country before heading to the United States, Costa Rica, and finally to Canada where I have decided to settle.

I have lived in eleven cities in six countries on three continents.

Over the last six years, I have slow-travelled through many countries enabling me to become a part of diverse communities and cultures whilst teaching English as a Second Language. This, in and of itself, has taught me even more about the different structures in cultural communication.

As an immigrant who has lived in non-English speaking countries, I understand more deeply how important it is to have someone you can trust to act as a translator or help with appropriate forms of cultural exchange.

I have been in the workforce for more than thirty-two years and have worked in multiple industries from finance to IT to administration to social services to education. Over this time, however, there is one thing that I have done consistently; proofreading and editing.

As a writer and an English teacher, I spend much of my time writing copy, editing said copy, and assisting my students in doing the same.

Vanessa Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology.